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Change, Choice, Peace

Who is Jonah?

When Caroline was young she thought it was normal to have a “Voice” that told you information that you didn’t know yourself.  At this stage in her journey she didn’t understand what it was; it was just there.

It wasn’t until Caroline was about 35 and sitting in a group situation that a question was asked and without thinking Caroline answered it. When she was challenged on how she knew this information she said “the Voice” told me.  The groups reaction was such that Caroline knew not everyone heard “the Voice; this in turn made her question not only her connection to “the Voice” but  made her question her own self as well.

However, through meditation Caroline started to understand that “the Voice” was a natural guidance that she was given access to whenever she needed it or “the Voice” needed to be heard.

After many years of working with “the Voice” and trusting in the experience, it wasn’t until other people stated asking what “the Voices” name was. That Caroline sat in meditation one day and asked “what is your name”? 

The voice was rather annoyed at Caroline wanting to label their connection, and questioned her trust in their experience and stated that I have no name I am energy, I am the collective consciousness. 

When Caroline continued to push for a “label” in a deep meditation one day she saw a body of water with a form wrapped up like a mummy protruding.  When the mummy was standing in front of Caroline “the voice” very annoyed asked are you satisfied?  Do you know how much energy we have just wasted trying to give name and form to energy?  The purpose of our connection is greater than the form that you see.  There are no labels that can describe pure energy....so do not ask again.  So Caroline did not.

Their shared connection became a total trusting of the energy and “the voice” would channel through her anything it wanted shared.  If Caroline had a question to take to “the voice” it would share the answers as required.
Some years later whilst in a deep meditation a form appeared in front of Caroline and she felt that it was a male energy, as it became clearer she saw a beautiful image of a perfect virile male and he stated that he was “Jonah” from the collective consciousness.  I asked if he was my guide?   He said no; I am not off body, or form I am from the collective consciousness. 

Caroline asked then why after all these years are you showing yourself as a body and form?  He stated that where Caroline would be taking this information in the future would require the human mind to have a label so you may speak of me now as

“JONAH”.  This will help those you teach and share the information with to connect with the collective Consciousness.

So began Jonah's wisdom.

Pain; I would like clarity on the pain when my partner brushed me off today

The pain is not separate from your own inner torment; you cannot feel brushed off unless you yourself are brushing off someone, everything is a reflection always of yourself.  Ask yourself; Where are you still doing this to the self?  Where do you not want/need to talk to yourself?  Where are you hurting yourself again and again?

You have put up the blocks and the walls, you are in a war torn state with yourself; you have not yet seen that you are in the beginning stages of life and nothing has begun.  You now have choices of freedom and choices of doing or not doing, you're pain is of you not wanting to talk to yourself, make choices for yourself, and of not wanting to feel good about yourself.

Never have you begun from such a clear slate, this seems hard for you to grasp, that at this moment there is only you, only you to consider.  Life will feel scary, for you are so often making choices based around another.  Yet know you are whole and nothing else exists outside of you. So what do you want to express to you?  Know that there will be no pain if you choose for you first.

Step into your own power by asking for what you want, not just to your guidance but to the unseen, the unseen in your world life.

If you wish for more then ask; this begins as small steps, these steps will lead you directly into your purpose, and yes purpose is also destiny. Strive for the highest point, the highest goal, if all you ask for is of the one source then go directly to the source.

Just because you believe in this world does not mean that it is to your highest good. What is for your highest good is to reach into the highest point of your mind for there is where you exist as a spark of energy and light. When you do this you will begin to bypass the worldly creations and connect back to you. The source of creation where you are headed has nothing to do with anyone else; the people around you may be the effect of what your mind put out as cause.

Concepts; conceptualising is to use words that are only known from the intellectual side of your being.  Concepts are easy, you don't have to go beyond the structure of you think; therefore you are.

Daily events, experiences, are all your concepts that bring forth as statements for your answers; but they have no depth; no feeling to them.

Begin bringing out of your energy levels words that have intent and feeling to them. Speaking from depth and feeling will produce the same in the one you are talking to.

Conceptual words with no feeling, bring experiences that have no feeling to them.

As you develop to talk from this level people feel exactly what you are saying. There is nothing for them to add or work out; there is a deep knowing to who they are also.

Jonah 20th of May 2003

This decision has nothing to do with the job, but the desire for money.  As money becomes the focus point the world will have to seemingly take it away. 

As the desire for recognition is high in priority, how it looks, how the world sees you, how you feel with or without it.  Temporary is the illusion, the world of matter, nothing is out of the reach or desire.  Including everything you placed into it.  Every job, every home, every business, they will change and depending upon your governance which is your stress, depends upon how often life will have to change.

What is it then can you enjoy when it seems to be that the world around you is falling apart?  You can enjoy the truth.

You can enjoy the truth; when you make this simple choice to join with me and enjoy that ridge is changeless within us.  A light begins to shine that reaches out from us and penetrates the appearances of the world around you.  Always and always again there is but one thing; just one thing, one little lesson that needs to be learned. And once it is learned it need only be remembered until that remembrance is within you, within every breath.... there is nothing outside me.

Only because you bring effort into it, all that you require is this, today I will be the weakness of my thoughts, how am I thinking my thoughts, what words am I choosing when I speak, for the word is powerful indeed.  Vigilance does not require effort as much as it asks the relinquishment of effort.
You have taught the mind to be side tracked and it becomes so, listen to this very carefully.... the mind becomes side tracked every time you let yourself believe that what is occurring out there on the screen of your life is something that is real and independent of your own mind. Do you see?

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