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Are you aligned or are you struggling?

Recently I have been neglecting parts of my self, parts of my very core existence.
I have no one defined answer for WHY?

What I can share with you today is.....distractions can come in a number of forms, and they can appear bigger and greater than what you have or who you believe yourself to be.

My strength has always been my focus and my vigilance toward a deep spiritual connected lifestyle.
I am and always will be this person, nothing will ever change that. 
what has changed is my interactions and my choices toward how I choose to earn a living, how I choose to upgrade my lifestyle and how I choose to operate my business in alignment with a greater energy frequency.

 Blog 2

Jonah; Why has my body been aching?

An aching body.... this is the energy of someone who has many regrets.

You have and are still believing in mistakes; truly there is no such thing. When you choose to stop believing that you have made a mistake or do make mistakes, only then will the minds regrets not exist. Then your body will not ache because the ache is created within the mind, the mind that believes in right and wrong.

 All your achievements are gauged by how much approval you recieve in the world. Not only outside approval from other people but your own inner approval of what you do, how you do it, and how much you achieve daily. If you truly wish for change, including how your body reacts to your minds thoughts, then you have to make the choice to stop and connect.

Who Inspired me.....

Caroline Blog

Who do you get your inspiration from?
We all at some time in our life look up to someone we admire or aspire to be.
We all do it differently; we all have our way of mimicking someone.

For me, I’m a chameleon; I change to suit my environment.
Over the years I have realised that this is my safety mechanism. If I cant beat them join them was a childhood defence. I would feel scared and alone so I began to watch and observe people. Looking at different ways to get love, approval and appreciation.

The mind is like a labyrinth, it is structured to hold you within itself. There are many pathways that have been created inside your mind, that keep you within the percieved safety of the labyrinth. The mind can only send you in a direction that is familiar, unless you choose again. 


Recently when I was deep in meditation I saw how my own mind can restrict me and keep me confined. The pathways were somehow linking me back into old patterns, thoughts and fears. Guidance became clear as I heard "Freedom is when you move back into life without the constraints of the mind"

As I dropped deeper and asked for more information I felt a doorway open as I connected with my own inner guidance, "when you are caught in the labyrinth you recycle past events over and over again, never really changing the outcomes. You feel lost in the many decisions and choices that keep you caught in the mind. The way out is through meditation as it raises you above the dense repetitive energy of the mind" 

rsz 11canstockphoto40358326

At this moment in the meditation I was asked to guide myself out. I began to see myself above the labyrinth looking down. It was at this point I saw the doorway that will lead me back into the clarity of life. Guidance spoke clearly "Guide yourself out of the labyrinth, which is full of sharp corners, deadends, and confinement. Once you free yourself from the labyrinth, cause and effect collapse in on themselves like dominos"

At this point I began to guide myself out of the labyrinth toward the doorway and the light. As I took the final steps through the doorway I looked behind and saw the labyrinth collapsing in on itself. It was then I heard "When you look back toward the structure that once held you captive it will now appear flat. There are no more hurdles to manouveur around. The domino effect has taken place and cause no longer creates effect. No more structured blocks, confusion or fears. All that is left are stepping stones within each moment. You are free to live the life you desire"

After my meditation I am clear and willing to continue my deep practice. If you ask me how to change, clear your mind or heal, I will always recommend meditation first. 



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We are approaching the end of 2017, and already I am seeing the spiritual Quickening happening. The Quickening as I call it occurs at the end of each year. As a Soul in a physical body we have set goals and experiences that will move us into each stage and phase of life.

Now, if you have not fully dealt with the experiences, emotions and/or situations that your Soul wanted to have this year, then it may feel like you are struggling to reach a place in your life that you instinctively know you must be at by a certain time. Similar to the baby turtle who just knows that it must reach the water to survive.

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Oh the joys.....

Here we are in another Mercury Retrograde, and once again I am aware of the energy that changes around me and within me. Over the years I have watched closely, how this astrological event can shift how we communicate with each other and how the energy can at times present itself in unusual ways. 

When Mercury Retrograde is in full swing sometimes it feels like I have stepped into a time warp, where nothing feels the same. It feels foreign, difficult and at times as though everyone around me has changed in some way or lost the plot. Then other times it feels great and what I see others experiencing is so opposite to my life. Here is my encounter so far in the August retrograde.

The August 2017 Mercury Retrograde began on 12th August and already has been showing up in my life. Many of you may know I am in the last stages of publishing my 1st book "Life Death and The Birth of Truth" I have been waiting for 3 weeks to recieve my first printed copy of the book to give the final go ahead to the printers. My publishing company is in America and I was aware it may be a few weeks until I have it in my hands. I have been very excited and at times overwhelmed with the process. 

About a week ago I felt and heard your book has been delivered. I went to my front door thinking maybe I didnt hear them, and they left it on the porch. I opened my door and searched my porch but no parcel. I thought maybe I was feeling this because it was getting close. Over the next few days I checked my mail and my porch often, but no parcel. I began to feel a surge of anticipation and uncomfortable thoughts about the delivery. I contacted my publisher who gave me a tracking number to see where the book was. I felt a sense of ease enter my body until I looked at the tracker. It said POD which means "proof of delivery" My book had been delivered a week earlier, probably when I heard and felt, your book has been delivered. Oh and NO it was delivered to me, my home or in my yard.

I contacted the company and the signature was not mine on the delivery slip, in fact it wasnt even a signature just a squiggle on the paper. Now there is an investigation going ahead to contact the driver to find out where he delivered my parcel to. When I first heard this I was so stressed, I couldnt understand how this could happen. Until I realised it is Mercury Retrograde and this is the sort of hiccup that occurs in a Mercury Retrograde. I had to stop, and try to relax and not blame anyone, even though I wanted to.

I meditated, surrendered all my thoughts and energy about this situation and now I am smiling, YES smiling. I thought to myself well whoever has my book obviously needed it more than me. My book is about my experience with Spirit and those who have crossed over. It is full of moments that define the rational logic mind and shares deep healing experiences. I know in my heart that my book is full of healing experiences and it can help those who maybe going through their own grief due to loss.

Mercury Retrograde has shown me how we can either get caught up in the experience outside of ourselves or look deeper into the experience within ourselves. Most if not all experiences in life are here for a different outcome than what we believe. The RE in Retrograde is to REthink, RElook, REdo, REcharge, REorganise. Inner work through meditation can help the mind in a Mercury Retrograde.

Enjoy the rest of this cycle, become aware of the planets and how they can affect you. When you are aware you can take responsibility instead of judging and blaming.

Love & Blessings

Caroline Byrd


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I want to begin this blog with much love and admiration for my Grandpa in spirit, Alexander Dove Adam. As a young girl I loved to spend time with him. Each time I went to visit I found myself drawn to the old records in the cupboard. My Grandpa would take out the record player and play the records. He loved to tell me about his hometown in Glasgow, I was intrigued and loved listening to the bagpipes. Growing up, the times between visits became longer. Yet these memories stayed with me. My connection to him changed the day he passed, as he came to me in my morning meditation. He shared with me that he was ready to go, and I knew in my heart it was his time. That morning I recieved the call to say he had died.

Since his passing he has shown me on numerous occasions that he is with me in spirit. So many messages and glimpses into life after death. My connection to him is still so strong that I have written a chapter about my experiences with him in my new book "Life Death and The Birth of Truth" soon to be released.

In my work as an Intuitive Therapist I help heal the emotional field within my clients. Those who know me well understand that my life as a psychic/medium has given me opportunity to offer emotional guidance through my training. My role is not to give readings to individuals, but to use my gifts for deepening the healing process. While doing this loved ones and ancestors may enter the healing field only if it is in alignment with where the client needs to go.

Last week as I sat with my client looking at family situations and talking about what it was like for her with her sisters. I felt a presence enter the room and heard the name Grandpa, I acknowledged internally and thought it was her Grandpa. Further into the session I felt the presence come closer and wanting to be heard. I shared with her that her Grandpa from her fathers side was here to support her. She loved the fact it was her Grandfather from her fathers side as she told me the deep connection she had with him. Then she shared with me the funny name her and her sisters use to call him when they were younger. She told me they would call him Gaga, but had no idea why. It was at this moment I knew without a doubt it was not just her Grandfather who had entered but my Grandpa. You see my sisters and myself grew up calling my Grandpa Gaga. We also had no idea why, and as we got older we changed it to Grandpa.

So here I was relating to my client and my own Grandpa entered, I knew he was also supporting me in my work. Many times over the last few months I have thought of him as I edited and read my new book. I find that spirit can and will let you know that they are present, sometimes we need to stop and drop into ourself to become clearer channels. There have been many experiences with my clients showing me parts of my life. Not just similar, but most times in the exact expression or individual moments.

I honor and thank all who have gone before me........I love my work and my life as I connect deeply into who I am. I thank my clients for allowing me to help them with my true gifts

Love & Blessings

Caroline Byrd



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Wow where do I begin? In the process of editing my book "Life Death & the Birth of Truth" many memories and emotions have been touched. The pages of this book fill my heart with deep feelings, as gratitude and love are written on these pages.

Let me share with you my synchronistic week of Spirit connection with my mother, and the perfection of connection.

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I have had a few discussions recently with clients, friends and Light workers regarding how to transform energies. I will begin by sharing the transference process.

As we are all energy beings in a physical body, it is difficult for some to recognise the moment that energy has entered the body. When I say entered it does not mean sinister or seperate. It means that you have taken energy into the physical bodies energy system for transformation. As a Light worker, Healer or any form of Therapist the transference of energy happens daily. You may or may not be aware of this. You have placed a calling out to the universe to help in the healing of humanity and the universal energy pool.

 Why do I live my life honoring those who have gone before me and loving those who sit in front of me?

Over 27 years ago the veil lifted between the world of form and the Universal Consciousness as I understood it. Everywhere I turned everywhere I went, energy in its purest form faced me. All my sensory perception opened as I faced every possible connection known on the Spiritual journey. Overwhelming and sometimes frightening I began to have faith in my own experiences; Trusting the events that appeared within me and around me.

27 years later I am humbled by my ongoing experiences, the connection to the afterlife and pure guidance. My life today reflects Spirit guidance, healing and intuitive knowledge. I love my work as an Intuitive therapist, helping others to unravel the blocks, to their own awareness. I give thanks to the many clients who have sat with me and allowed a deep transformation to occur. Through the many sensory perceptions that open to truth; I acknowledge my gifts as a channel, medium and natural intuitive who opens the doorways to the afterlife and universal consciousness.

These are images of my connection to the afterlife. They were captured many years ago over a 5 year period with different cameras, different homes and different times. Yet all of them represented the energy that entered my life when the deeper journey began

Love & Blessings to you all

Caroline Byrd

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ting the events that appeared within me and around me.
27 years later I am humbled by my ongoing experiences.The connection to the afterlife and pure guidance. My life today reflects Spirit guidance, healing and intuitive knowledge.I love my work as an Intuitive therapist, helping others to unravel the blocks, to their own awareness. I give thanks to the many clients who have sat with me and allowed a deep transformation to occur. Through the many sensory perceptions that open to truth; I acknowledge my gifts as a channel, medium and natural intuitive who opens the doorways to the afterlife and universal consciousness.
These are images of my connection to the afterlife. They were captured many years ago over a 5 year period with different cameras, different homes and different times. Yet all of them represented the energy that entered my life when the deeper journey began
Love & Blessings to you all
Caroline Byrd

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Growth is very apparent in everything that you are doing, yet to grow is not the answer at this time. Growth is the middle stage the place of waiting, of grasping and of searching. When growth becomes less of a need within you, the journey will begin. At this stage in your life the journey is to integrate, consolidate and receive the fruits of your growth. You begin to recognise this cycle just as you recognise the cycles of plants.


 What is going on in my mind and my body?

Welcome back, there have been many distractions, where you have believed you were on track and where life is taking you. But were you connected to me first when you were doing your life, were you joined to your inner connection, and you’re inner resource first. No, you were looking outside of yourself for your gratification and following a path of self sabotage and destruction. The paths you have been on have hit many roadblocks, many distractions and oh yes too much doing and not enough being.

Before the Full Moon last night I was feeling stuck and not able to push myself in my business. I had so much to do, and no movement or energy to do any of it. Then I sat last night and wrote down my list to surrender to Grandmother moon, meditated and finally burnt the list. I could barely see the Full Moon behind the clouds, and as I stood with my arms stretched out praying that the energy of this beautiful moon would guide me in my life I saw her appear as though she heard my call for a minute she showed herself in all her glory and she then disappeared behind the clouds once more.
The energy within me has changed today as I am now powering on in my day, my life and my business. Feeling energised, supported and clear. Thank you Grandmother Moon you are my blessing for forward movement.
Caroline Byrd

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Another flu season has appeared and numerous people are "catching" the flu. The change in seasons are well known for change in tempature, and how you do things in your day. Before the season changes, you are well adapted to the tempatures, highs and lows, and now, there is something different in the atmosphere. I hear a lot of talk in the winter months of people being careful not to "catch" anything, and they become more concerned with health and well being. This is all good for the body to help it cope and stay strong, yet some of you only work on protecting the body from outside ailments by looking at outside interventions and treatments.

I am not saying to stop doing these things, in fact the opposite, I will always tell people to work on their health, the difference is, I will share other components to add to the regime of health. The main part of any dis-ease is the mind, the thoughts, where are your thoughts daily? When I begin to hear of the common cold inflicting itself into the body, I first notice that the ones inflicted are either, stressed, rundown, or busy in their day, I am including myself here. I personally only "catch" a cold when I am run down, tired, stressed and have spent too much time worrying and thinking about life, work, and others.

A busy mind can drain the energy of the body, and how this looks is a weakened constitution, have you noticed when you are busy in your mind, either thinking and stressing too much about something or even trying to study and take in too much information at one time, you begin to feel tired, and dont get enough sleep, then you feel deprived of a good nights sleep and each day starts to compound upon the other. Before you know it the first signs appear within the body that its not quite right, but you still power on trying to continue and ignore the subtle body issues. This is what I call the first port of call for any ailment, and can be used to begin to shift the energy out of the subtle energy systems before it attaches to the deeper energy structures of the physical body.  This might seem very odd or technical, but I assure you it is a simple formula to understand before you become sick.

 Lets look at 10 people sitting in a room, one person has a severe head cold, coughing and sneezing and no windows open in the room. Now this surely would be the downfall for everyone to "catch" the cold, yet surveys have proven that maybe only 3/10 people "catch" the cold in the room. If you were to look at where your thoughts were and how healthy your mind body and spirit were when you are in that room, you would know for yourself the Why? you "caught" the cold, or Why? you didnt "catch" the cold. For those of you reading my blog I know that you will understand where I am coming from when I talk of energy and thoughts draining your energy.

Lets look at this differently now, the physical body is surrounded by an energy called an Aura, when you are feeling great, and have lots of energy, peaceful and not stressed, your aura is bright, strong and full. When you are stressed, tired, thinking too much, your aura shifts and matches what you are feeling. So if you feel depleted, then your aura will be depleted and not as strong. This is when outside ailments as viruses and common cold can move into your aura and eventually attach itself to the body. When these are not cleared from the first port of call, the first initial stage of unsettled energy then they attach and the cycle has to complete its movement through the body. You can lessen the severity by looking after yourself, but you cant actually stop the cycle once it has begun.

If you dont want to be afflicted with any ailments in the body, then look at yourself as a whole particle not just a segment. Work on the mind and pay attention to your thoughts, what are they saying, how do they make you feel and can you have a moment of peace within the mind. There are numerous techniques to use that help clear the mind, for myself, meditation has been my healer as I surrender, and let go within meditation. click here to find out more Also to question your thoughts can be very liberating and calming.  One of the most profound tools to use when clearing the mind is The Work of Byron Katie Click here to find out more

Lets look at the body, so many choices, and not everything will suit everyone, I can only share my experience here, and for me it is eating healthy,whatever that looks like for me, being mindful of how my body is feeling, walking is a great part of my regime for a healthy body. Also drinking plenty of  water each day, again this varies for me and others. I look at so many things we are told not to eat, and then years later being told we can eat it. Because I am not a health practitioner as such, I cant comment too much on what to do and what not to do for a healthy body. I trust that as you look deeper into yourself as a whole you will become intune with your mind body and spirit, and begin to make better choices for yourself.

The Spirit, for most of you is the last part you connect to, yet it is the first part that becomes aware of subtle change. The spirit is the part that has embodied into the physical body. It is who you are and is waiting for the part of you that has disconnected from itself to return and connect within once more. When this connection is made daily, you open to an existence that incorporates the whole of who you are, then the mind, body and spirit compliment each other to work in unison and harmony to create a healthy, mind, body and spirit.

Enjoy the season as you look at life through the eyes of wholeness

Love & Blessings

Caroline Byrd










  • When you begin the journey of peace, the first stage is to identify that everything outside of you is a particle of you. When you choose peace above all else, separation no longer exists, then the beauty in the world becomes you.


Once again we are sitting in the energy of  a New Moon, yet for me this new moon has a significant movement attached to it. I am no astrologer and I have never studied in this field. Only through my own experiences have I connected the dots when there is a major shift in the planetary alignments. This shift usually happens within a few days of the actual planetary shift. This New Moon began to move within my body 3 days ago, it appeared as an agitation and uncomfortableness, and then appeared in a feeling of movement, wanting to change my way of living, maybe even travel to another country. The movement forward that I was feeling didnt seem to match my lifestyle at this moment. How can I achieve all of these positive outcomes that I wish and desire to experience when right now it looks and seems impossible to have.

I began to surrender all of these future possibilities and free my mind and heart once more. Then within another day they returned in a vengence, my mind was full of things to do and it questioned everything. I realised that these feelings were deeper than just momentary thoughts arising and falling. I saw that they are positive creations, and they are already forming in the energy pool of creation.

Then I realised the energy this week is moving into a New Moon alignment, and for me that always equates to letting go, now letting go sounds easy but many people including myself sometimes want to hold onto old ideas, experiences, beliefs even though you may know they are not actually serving a positive outcome. When the New Moon appears it is time to let go and let God have the reins once more, so you can become the observer, watching, waiting and feeling at peace because you are trusting once more in the flow of life through the universe.

In the energy cycle of the New Moon begin to write down all of the ideas, desires, wishes, creations, what ever you want onto paper and in the energy of the day/evening or within 24 hours of the New Moon you can do a ritual and burn the paper surrendering then letting go of these outcomes to something greater than the bodies limited mind. "Of myself I do nothing with you God anything is possible" now the term God is not religious as such, but is a representation in my life as the one source, the one moment, you can use whatever term you wish.

Once you have written down all of your ideas, desires, wishes and creations you can

click on the FREE MEDITATION below and follow the steps to Let go before you surrender your words to the Universe...

The Letting Go meditation has been created by Caroline Byrd "The Intuitive therapist" & Amanda Morrison "The Medium" www.amandamorrison.net Narrated by Caroline Byrd




b2ap3_thumbnail_mahatma-gandhi-31_20160119-023627_1.jpgImage sourced from the famous people.com


The energy for 2016 is all about bringing in a change for humanities evolution; and as my guidance will often share with me the deeper movements that are happening, I sometimes underestimate my connection to those who have already embodied and left the planet, yet somehow my connection with these great masters is real, tangible and powerful.

During a recent meditation I could see a face appearing; the face was one I recognised as Mahatma Gandhi. I have often seen him in dreams and in meditations and have been drawn to his life story through DVDs and books including my version of The Baghvad Gita which was written by Mahatma Gandhi.

Many years ago I met a blind 85yearold Guru from India named Prabaj through a mutual friend who asked me to come along to a satsang with this Guru.

He was divine; uplifting and embodied peace. As he told his life story, I was in awe as this man who was blind from the age of 2years old had lived in India by the Ganga River with Mahatma Gandhi.

This was my first encounter of knowing someone who actually knew Gandhi; it was an experience I have never forgotten. As my life experiences guided me to people, places and even books, I was drawn to the teachings of Paramahansa Yoganda, whom also knew Gandhi in his human embodiment.

As Gandhi appeared in my meditation he began to speak to me; I told him I was not going to remember what is being shared, and he said, you will write after the meditation and I will share through you, so it began, my communication with Mahatma Gandhi......

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